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Always Beautiful: Kuşadası

03 October 2020

Always Beautiful: Kuşadası

Kuşadası is a popular tourism center that hosts many tourists every year with its impressive nature, rich culture and history. Kuşadası, which is a very popular port of call for international cruise ships, is doing more than enough in meeting your holiday expectations. It is possible to make your dream holiday come true in Kuşadası, which offers a wide range of options from a quiet cultural tour to colorful nightlife for you and your loved ones.

Kuşadası has many interesting activities and facilities that will make your holiday memorable. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the Aegean with its proximity to ancient cities, deep blue sea, nightlife and natural bays. Kuşadası has everything you need to get rid of the stress of daily life and refresh your mind. Whatever type of traveler you are, you can discover many exciting things to do in Kuşadası!


Güvercin Adası

End the Day in Güvercin Island

Güvercin Island is the symbol of Kuşadası and is the place from which it gets its name. You can spend time on the island, which offers a magnificent sunset view to its guests coming to visit the coast of Kuşadası, or you can visit the museum and can take panoramic photos of Kuşadası.


Efes Antik Kenti

Visit the Ruins of the Ancient City of Ephesus

It is possible to reach Ephesus, which is the second largest Roman city and the first city built of marble in history, in about 20 minutes by car from Kuşadası. Celsius Library, Hadrian's Temple, Curates Street and Houses on a Slope are among the must-see heritage in Ephesus, where the ruins are spread over an area of approximately 8 km.

Apart from Ephesus, there are many ancient cities that can be visited around Kuşadası such as Priene, Miletus and Didyma. Participating in tours where these ancient cities, which are 35 to 75 km away from Kuşadası, can be visited together is often a very good idea for holidaymakers.


Kadınlar Denizi

Enjoy Sunny Days

Kuşadası hosts many beaches that you can visit according to your needs.  You can enjoy these beaches, which are crowded in the hot summer months, in the early morning or after the sun goes down.

Kadınlar Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Kuşadası and is about 2 km from the center. Other beautiful bays that are easily accessible by minibus include Sevgi Beach, Long Beach, Yeşil Beach, Pygela Beach and Yılancı Burnu Beach.


Tekne Turu

Diving and Boat Tour

Taking a boat tour in Kuşadası gives you the chance to see the region from a completely new perspective, rest in the natural bays that can only be reached by boat and have a wonderful day. During the boat tours, you can swim in turquoise waters, dive and explore the surrounding caves.


Meryem Ana Evi

Discover the House of Virgin Mary

The House of Virgin Mary is located on Selçuk Bülbül Mountain and is a pilgrimage center for Christians.  Believed to be the place where the Virgin Mary spent her last days, this house offers visitors the opportunity to watch the ancient city of Ephesus from a bird's eye view. After visiting the church, you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones and enjoy the view in cafeterias.


Dilek Yarım Adası

Relax in Nature at Dilek Peninsula National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park with its magnificent beaches is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Turkey. Besides being famous for İçmeler Bay, Aydınlık Bay, Kavaklıburun Bay and Karasu Bay, it also draws attention with the diversity of plants and animals it contains.

In addition to spending time in these bays, you can cool off in the ice-cold water of Zeus cave at the entrance of Güzelçamlı to the National Park, benefit from its healing mud, and hang your wish cards on the trees around.


Selçuk Şirince

Şirince: A Cute Neighborhood in Selçuk

The village of Şirince, established on the green hills of Selçuk, is famous for its home-made fruit wines. You should definitely spend time during your holiday in Şirince, which is home to old Roman houses and churches, experiencing its magnificent nature, scenery and local flavors.

Şirince Village, which you can visit during the same day, is 8 km away from Selçuk district center.