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Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms

What is Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms? Treatment Options in Turkey

Aortic surgery and aneurysms are serious problems that can be treated with surgeries within the scope of cardiovascular surgery. The aortic vessel can be described as one of the central points of the blood circulation. It is the central aortic vein through which blood passes while being pumped back to the body during the circulation process that begins with the collection of blood by the heart. Therefore, aortic vessel problems can create issues that can affect all bodily systems.

Aortic surgery and aneurysms are related to problems that occur in this aortic vein, which performs a critical function. Aneurysm is a condition that can be summarized as vascular aneurysm. This situation, which develops especially on the arteries, causes the vein to swell at a certain point and to appear as if there is a balloon in that area. Aneurysm can affect the quality of life by creating relatively simple problems at first, but its advanced stages create life-threatening issues. For this reason, diagnosis and treatment applications should be initiated without wasting any time.  

Information on Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms

Aortic surgery and aneurysms represent a very critical disease and treatment method when evaluated considering the information described above. Aneurysm may also occur on the aorta. An aneurysm on the aorta, the main center that distributes blood throughout the body, is a serious condition. Moreover, aneurysms are a disease that progresses silently in the early stages. Therefore, it is possible that the aneurysm on the vein will not be noticed until it reaches an advanced stage. For this reason, it is recommended that people in the risk group should continue regular screenings and controls.

Aortic surgery can be performed quickly after the aneurysm is discovered. In some cases, the aortic vessel is changed without interfering with the aortic valve, but in some cases, change of the heart valve is necessary. Stent use is very common in aortic surgery.  

Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has trained numerous surgeons specializing in aortic surgery and aneurysms. Specialists, who have been trained both in the country and abroad and have proven their success globally, have carried out many successful aortic surgery operations. Turkey is among the countries that stand out with its technical and academic equipment in cardiovascular surgery.

Turkey also offers patients different opportunities when aortic surgery and aneurysm treatment are at stake. Among these are cities with great atmosphere such as Izmir and its natural wealth, being economically affordable, being easily accessible…  

Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms Treatment in Izmir

Izmir has successful hospitals and experienced teams in cardiovascular surgery, especially in aortic surgery and aneurysm treatment. Providing service with technical competence, large patient capacity and advanced facilities, Izmir hosts thousands of patients every year in the field of cardiovascular surgery from within and outside the country.

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