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Brain Tumors

What are Brain Tumors? Oncological Surgery Applications in Turkey

Brain tumors emerge due to cell anomalies that occur in the skull. Cell anomalies are caused by the actions performed outside of the regular life cycle of the cells. If a cell does not die when it should be destroyed and continues to multiply, this cell anomaly creates an excess of cells. Thus, the excess cells combine to form tumors. This phenomenon can occur in the brain as well as in the form of growth into the skull by having formed in the surrounding tissues first.    

When brain tumors emerge, the patient can show multiple symptoms such as vision loss, loss of strength, hearing loss, memory loss, walking problems, imbalance and hormonal disorders. When brain tumors are malignant, an intensive treatment planning should be carried out. However, when it is benign, it can create hazardous situations compared to most regions of the body. This is because the compression of tumor formations in the brain can affect the brain tissue and the function of many parts of the brain.

Brain Tumor Treatment Applications

The diagnostic process in brain tumors reveals valuable information. Treatment planning is performed considering the information obtained during the diagnosis. Therefore, it is very important that the diagnosis is carried out with professional support and managed by doctors experienced in this field. In this process, it is possible to benefit from radiological imaging methods, angiography and some additional methods such as PET.

Surgical applications, medication and radiation treatments come to the fore in the treatment of brain tumors. The success of the diagnostic process becomes more valuable during the treatment. Determination of the treatment applications and doses required by the patient depends on the information provided by the diagnostic process. For this very reason, managing the process with professional teams on highly sensitive issues such as brain tumor is critical to achieve a successful result.

Does Turkey Offer Reliable Services for Brain Tumors?

Turkey is a country that stands out with its experienced staff in the treatment of brain tumors and oncological surgery. As a result of the investments made in the health system, many hospitals and clinics have been established with full equipment and high capacity. Within the framework of the investments made in the academic sense, a health industry where modern medical practices are successfully applied has emerged. In this industry, traditional methods are applied with high success rate while modern medical practices have been successfully integrated into treatment services.   

Brain Tumor Treatment in Izmir and BeWell Services

Izmir provides treatment services to a large number of people from inside and outside the country with its hospitals that provide services within the scope of oncology and oncological surgery, especially for brain tumors. Turkey's technical competence and academic strength are present in Izmir. One of the main reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that Izmir has a great socio-economic position and is directly accessible from many points of the world. Izmir has become a distinguished city in health tourism as a central location.

BeWell services bring you together with the treatment opportunities you need. It allows you to manage diagnosis and treatment practices with the best hospitals and teams, not only in Turkey but also in the world. It makes you feel comfortable at every part of your travel by considering every detail in this planning process. It combines healthcare services with unique experiences, with additional elements such as accommodation in contracted hotels, discovering the city of Izmir and Turkish cultural values. You can contact us for more information.