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Breast Surgery

What is Breast Surgery? Oncology Surgery in Turkey

Breast surgery is among the surgical applications of oncology for the treatment of breast cancer disease. Breast cancer is one of the diseases in which awareness studies are carried out with many activities today. As a type of cancer, it can be described as the disease with the greatest need for awareness. This is because it is a disease that can be discovered in its early stages and can be treated by being taken under control with this diagnosis. However, scenarios contrary to this situation are still experienced due to negligence and similar issues. It is possible to overcome breast cancer with treatment planning carried out with professional teams.

Breast cancer occurs with cell anomalies in the cells that make up breast tissue. The cells that should have been destroyed continue to multiply and create an excess with the new cells. This excess comes together and causes tumors and cancer diseases. Not all tumors are malignant, but benign tumors should definitely be followed up and removed when necessary. 

Breast cancer, which is very common in the world, has many different risk factors. People in the risk group should be followed up for cancer diseases by taking general screenings.

Breast Surgery Treatment Applications

There are two different types of breast cancer: noninvasive and invasive. Among its symptoms, there are lump-shaped formations primarily felt when touched in the breast tissue. In addition, many symptoms such as inward recessions, asymmetry problems, changes of nipple direction, redness in the breast, wound, eczema, crusting and cracking occur on the breast skin. Imaging methods, mammography and biopsy applications are frequently used in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Different procedures can be utilized within the scope of breast surgery. Different applications such as mastectomy, skin-sparing mastectomy and breast-sparing surgery can be used to remove all breast tissue or only the tumors. The decision regarding these surgical options should be made with the guidance of professional teams.

Turkey Offers Experienced Services for Breast Surgery

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world with its experienced teams and fully equipped hospitals in breast surgery. It provides services with a high success rate in breast cancer, which is one of the most common cancer diseases in female patients. Therefore, a large number of patients from abroad prefer to visit Turkey only for oncology surgery. The advantage of being an economically competitive choice compared to the health service offered Turkey and making a difference in terms of accessibility are great for Turkey.     

Breast Surgery in Izmir and City Advantages

Izmir hosts doctors and teams who have proven their success worldwide in breast surgery and oncological surgery in general. The city of Izmir, where treatments and surgical operations are carried out with a high success rate, has become a preferred destination with its additional advantages.

Izmir is one of the most easily accessible countries of Turkey in the world. It also offers rich facilities. Apart from all these, it is a city where you can experience the atmosphere in a wonderful way. As BeWell, we ensure that you receive the treatment service you need in a unique city like Izmir, and we complement healthcare services with additional advantages.