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Heart Valve Diseases

Heart Valve Diseases and Cardiovascular Surgery in Turkey Heart valve diseases are problems that occur in the four valves around our heart that always work without rest. There are many different heart valve diseases. While some of these do not require surgical treatment, in others it is necessary...

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Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Peripheral Vascular Diseases and Cardiovascular Surgery in Turkey Peripheral vascular diseases are mostly caused by the narrowing of the vessels as a result of problems in the artery walls and the inability to carry enough blood to the area pumped by the vessel. In the emergence of peripheral vas...

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Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms

What is Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms? Treatment Options in Turkey Aortic surgery and aneurysms are serious problems that can be treated with surgeries within the scope of cardiovascular surgery. The aortic vessel can be described as one of the central points of the blood circulation. It is the ce...

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Congenital Heart Diseases

What are Congenital Heart Diseases? Treatment Options in Turkey Congenital heart diseases occur as a result of situations that begin when the baby is still in the womb. These diseases, which mostly occur in the first eight weeks of gestation, can cause serious problems in the future. Although the...

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Coronary Bypass Surgery

What is Coronary Bypass Surgery? Treatment Options in Turkey Coronary bypass surgery is the most common type of surgery performed within the scope of cardiovascular surgery. Coronary bypass surgery, which has been performed for many years, has transformed over the years thanks to modern medical s...

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Varicose Vein Treatment

What is Varicose Vein Treatment? Treatment Options in Turkey Varicose vein treatment is an application performed to control and improve the problem of varicose veins which is becoming widespread today. Thanks to the research performed on varicose vein treatment, it is possible to benefit from man...

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Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

What is Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery? Treatment Options in Turkey Pediatric cardiovascular surgery is a wide field that includes many different diagnosis and treatment applications. Pediatric cardiovascular surgery has different techniques than cardiovascular surgery applications performed fo...

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