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Congenital Heart Diseases

What are Congenital Heart Diseases? Treatment Options in Turkey

Congenital heart diseases occur as a result of situations that begin when the baby is still in the womb. These diseases, which mostly occur in the first eight weeks of gestation, can cause serious problems in the future. Although there are many causes of congenital heart diseases, genetic factors are the most effective among these. Disease history in the family history is the prominent reason here. Apart from these, the use of insulin by expectant mothers, some other medication, radiation and some infectious diseases may trigger congenital heart diseases.

Congenital heart diseases come in different types and there are many different congenital heart diseases. Nowadays, as a result of modern medical studies and medical technologies, many diagnosis and treatment applications have been developed. The diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases can be performed within the framework of these applications. Especially during pregnancy, there is the possibility of diagnosis in the womb. However, it is necessary to manage the process with professional teams and fully equipped hospitals.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Heart Diseases

In congenital heart diseases, the pregnancy period should be followed up continuously. Detailed screenings performed within the scope of pregnancy follow-up should be repeated regularly not only for congenital heart diseases but also for many different problems. When the baby begins to grow in the womb during pregnancy, the heart of the baby in the womb should be examined. These examinations can reveal signs of many problems, such as congenital heart disease and arrhythmia. Considering these symptoms, it is possible to administer tests such as fetal ECG if needed. It is possible to benefit from medication, pacemaker and many different surgical applications in congenital heart diseases. Different treatment options can be considered according to the existing disease. Therefore, professional doctor's guidance is of great value here.  

Turkey's Congenital Heart Disease Treatment Applications

Turkey has successful hospitals in terms of cardiovascular surgery in general, and especially congenital heart diseases. This success is based on two main points: hospitals that make a difference in terms of technical competence and experienced doctors with worldwide success.

When congenital heart diseases are treated in Turkey, these doctors, who have had many achievements in their field, perform more than the necessary professional guidance. In this way, success in follow-up, diagnosis and treatment processes allows the child's quality of life to improve. Moreover, Turkey offers this superior healthcare service to patients in exchange for economically competitive conditions.   

Congenital Heart Disease Treatment in Izmir and City Facilities

Izmir is home to many of Turkey's successful hospitals in the field of congenital heart diseases and cardiovascular surgery. Izmir, which is a cosmopolitan city, has developed facilities and doctors who have gained success in their field thanks to this feature. Due to this reason, it has become one of Turkey's most preferred cities in health tourism.

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