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By maintaining our commitment to the principles of our health journey, which we started in 1998, we continue with our goal of providing reliable and international standards of health care with leading-edge practices. 

Individual and social well-being with health, physical, mental and mental health dimensions is the situation. Full-fledged provision of all health services to the general public is healthy it is the cornerstone of society. Every individual is of high quality, friendly, respectful, transparent and equal Gözde Health Group, which sets out with the understanding of "everyone has the right to receive health care", is a strong health group that continues to provide services with 6 hospitals and 1 surgical medical center.

Gözde Health Group provides up-to-date, preventive and curative health care with its doctors and health professionals who are experts in their field without compromising medical ethical values with a total understanding of quality it have adopted the principle of contributing to the development of medicine with its services.

Gözde Healthcare Group, which made its first investment in the healthcare sector in Malatya in 1998. Then there are medical centers, physical therapy centers in Adıyaman, Konya and Bolu, there are made various health investments such as imaging and dialysis center.  Gözde Health Group is the address of qualified service in health with its expert doctors, knowledgeable and relevant medical personnel, patient-oriented service understanding and advanced medical technology.

Professional approach and continually raised the bar with current diagnostic and treatment methods in health, Gözde Health Group, today Academy Gözde Hospital in Malatya, Gozde Hospital Sıtmapınarı Malatya, Gozde Hospital Adiyaman,  Gozde Hospital Kusadasi, Gozde Hospital and Ozel Saglık hospital Izmir,  total of 6 hospitals, including a hospital, and with 1 surgical medical center, you are always with you for your health.





As DENTAGLOBAL Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we have all team employees with we aimed to give a new synergy to the field of dentistry with the service energy of our professional experience that we have. We started our activities in 2017. We draw our strength from the fact that we can have a well-established corporate philosophy thanks to the free vision of being a new company in the corporate sense and the past experience of our team in terms of experience. 

In a sense, we are experienced with the accumulation of the past, is full of energy with the integration of both the modern and the cultural structure of the present day with the service mentality within his own body, and the newest one is the most a strong corporate identity with the vision of acquiring and using it effectively in the right way we have created it.

As DENTAGLOBAL, we have become a well-known brand not only in Izmir or the Aegean Region and even in Turkey, but also abroad in a short time. We continue to work with endless energy to add new locations next to our contact offices and partner clinics located in London, Paris, Rotterdam and Berlin.




Tinaztepe Health Group aims to provide health services with human values that appeal to the mind and heart, not limited to scientific expertise, with 3 centers including Buca Medical Center, Private Tinaztepe Hospital and Private Tinaztepe Galen Hospital that it has in its structure. Tinaztepe Health Group provides services with a medical center and hospitals, as well as a center for disabled and palliative care and a beauty center. Tinaztepe Health Group, which has been growing with confident steps since its opening, aims to raise the bar of service more and more every day.

Buca Medical Center started to serve as an outpatient diagnostic and treatment center in the Buca-Şirinyer district of Izmir in January 2001. Received health services on October 08, 2003 ISO 9001-2000, 02 July 2010 received in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate and 25 August 2011, Tse-ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system certificate continues. Outpatient clinics, aviation unit, emergency department, operating rooms, observation rooms, radiology unit, physical therapy unit, gastroenterology unit, biochemistry and pathology in our medical center laboratories are available. Buca Medical Center, which is contracted with the Private insurance and Social Security Institution (SSI), provides health services to our patients using its guarantees.

Tinaztepe Private Hospital is located in Buca district of Izmir in an area of 11 thousand 872 square meters, 8 floors, 3 KVC (Cardiovascular Surgery), 6 coronary, 12 general, 14 kuvöz-neonatal intensive care its bed was established with a total capacity of 111 beds with 76 routine patient beds, 6 operating rooms, 11 observation beds. he serves in 28 different branches. Special it provides health care as a private hospital contracted with the Insurance and Social Security Institution (SSI). Tınaztepe Private Hospital is certified by Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and offers high quality and international standards of health care. We aim to provide modern, effective, efficient and ethical healthcare in accordance with ethical principles by referencing International Quality Standards and Health Quality Standards published by the Ministry of Health with our hardworking, experienced team (JCI Accreditation), and to continuously improve the healthcare service we provide by implementing an effective quality management system.

Tınaztepe Galen special Hospital, in the county of Izmir, Bayraklı, 9-Story, 26, specialty 12 internal-surgical intensive care, coronary intensive care, 6, 31 newborn intensive care unit, with a total of 15 square meters built on a bed of 10 observations, Galen hospital was opened in 2019. Our hospital has 6 operating rooms, 3 maternity hospitals, 18-bed Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, radiological imaging center, endoscopy unit, 1 central sterilization unit, comprehensive service laboratory, eye diagnosis unit, blood transfusion cardiology diagnosis unit, neurology diagnosis unit and hearing diagnosis unit center.