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Coronary Bypass Surgery

What is Coronary Bypass Surgery? Treatment Options in Turkey

Coronary bypass surgery is the most common type of surgery performed within the scope of cardiovascular surgery. Coronary bypass surgery, which has been performed for many years, has transformed over the years thanks to modern medical studies and medical technologies and has become safer. 

The application of coronary artery bypass surgery is performed for the problem experienced in the vessels that feed the heart, namely the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries can be affected by a number of factors and can become narrowed or even occluded. In this case, the nutrition of the body is interrupted because problems occur in the blood circulation and heart diseases arise. For this reason, coronary bypass surgery is a serious operation that should be performed professionally with the right diagnosis and treatment planning.

What to Know About Coronary Bypass Surgery?

Coronary bypass surgery can be performed when left main coronary stenosis, multiple coronary artery stenosis, cardiac dysfunction, and complaints of pain develop. Conditions that cause obstacles in the body due to vascular problems must be identified and improved. In order to avoid more serious problems, this process should be carried out with professional guidance. 

A heart-lung machine is used in coronary bypass surgery. Therefore, all stages of the surgical process and the patient's entire disease history should be investigated and analyzed in detail. It is necessary to prepare for the surgical process with many examinations and to perform the surgery with the most appropriate method. With successful applications worldwide, coronary bypass surgery has a recovery rate of up to 99%. It is very important to manage the process with experienced teams in this field.

Coronary Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is a very experienced country in the field of cardiovascular surgery, especially of coronary bypass surgery. Fully equipped hospitals, which emerged thanks to the high amount of health investments, are the architects of this success. Turkey hosts many experienced doctors in important cities with their work in the field of medicine. Moreover, it offers additional advantages.

  • Turkey is quite an economical option in the healthcare offered.
  • It is easily accessible from many parts of the world.
  • In addition to successful healthcare in metropolitan cities such as Izmir, it has additional elements such as cultural heritage, touristic activities and city life.

Coronary Bypass Surgery in Izmir and BeWell Privileges

Izmir has hospitals and expert teams that have proven their success in coronary bypass surgery worldwide. The city atmosphere of Izmir and the fact that it is a point of transition caused experienced doctors to live here and to build fully equipped health institutions. Today, many healthcare services, including important areas such as cardiovascular surgery, are provided in hospitals that offer successful health solutions in Izmir.

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