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Why BeWell? There are many answers to this question. In our opinion, health is the greatest need and there is no other issue more important than that. As a brand that provides services on such an important issue, we are happy to bring you together with the treatment you need. Of course, this process includes stages that should never be taken lightly. While we offer you the healthcare advantages that Turkey has and the possibilities of the city of Izmir, we have many steps to think about and plan.

In order to take these steps, we act in line with the vision and mission we have. Ensuring patient satisfaction, giving importance to teamwork and infrastructure are always among our priorities.

Numerous Possibilities in Transportation and Transfer Services

It is very important to plan and manage transportation and transfer services perfectly. When it comes to health, even the possibility of waiting and wasting time may have adverse consequences. However, it is necessary to adjust the transfer details accordingly in order for the patients to travel comfortably. Airport departure and arrival conditions are always improved with transfer services that are specially designed according to the needs of the patient. Patients can benefit from many different transportation routes while we bring them together with the profound healthcare provided in Turkey, especially in the city of Izmir. As BeWell, we find the right method for you and make all your flight plans.     

Accommodation at the Most Comfortable Hotels of the City

BeWell contracted hotels and facilities are equipped to enable you to stay comfortably during your health trip. The institutions we collaborate with have proven their quality and make a difference with their comfortable and rich facilities. We aim to make you feel special with all the facilities and special room options you will need during your health trip. 

Suggestions for Doctor and Hospital Preference

BeWell services start before the flight. Doctor and hospital preference is included in the pre-flight planning process. In line with the information shared with you in this process, we bring you together with experienced and specialist hospitals that provide the treatment you need. We ensure that you complete the diagnosis and treatment process with doctors who have numerous successes in their field, and that your treatment planning is carried out in the most accurate way.  

Process Management with Guidance Services

BeWell makes you feel special by accompanying you throughout your health trip with its guidance services. Pre-flight recommendations and flight planning, and many other details such as transportation and accommodation are offered to you within this guidance service. We have not finished yet. We also provide guidance on what you can do in a city like Izmir, a beautiful part of Turkey. Our guidance service is with you at every point so that you can enjoy cultural heritage such as Ephesus, touristic activities and the atmosphere of the city.  

Healthcare and Needs-Based Treatment

Perhaps the most valuable answer to the question of "Why BeWell?" is here. Thanks to the experience we have in this industry, we know very well where to find the safe treatment you need. Accordingly, we bring you together with experienced teams in the following branches.

  • Obesity Surgery
  • Oral and Dental Health
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Aesthetic Surgery
  • Eye Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Oncological Surgery Applications
  • Robotic Surgery

With BeWell, it is possible to reach reliable healthcare in the most comfortable ways. Remember to contact us if you want to collaborate with a team that answers all questions.