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Glaucoma Treatment

What is Glaucoma Treatment? Treatment of Eye Diseases in Turkey

Glaucoma treatment refers to the treatment of the disease known as high eye pressure. High eye pressure or glaucoma problem often occurs and develops without noticing. After its emergence, glaucoma should be treated and controlled with a professional treatment process including diagnostic studies. Otherwise, results that may cause permanent vision loss may occur. This is because if glaucoma develops, it may cause situations that will damage the eye nerves.

Glaucoma is a disease that occurs mostly with advanced age. It is frequently seen as a result of genetic factors. If there is a family history of glaucoma, i.e. high eye pressure, these people are recommended to have glaucoma checks, especially after the age of 40. If glaucoma occurs, it is recommended to start treatment with early diagnosis.

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is often known as an asymptomatic disease in its early stages. However, the following symptoms may occur in advanced stages.

  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Seeing colored rings
  • Eye pain when watching TV etc.

If glaucoma is not treated, it can cause vision loss. For this reason, people in the risk group should pay attention to early diagnosis.

Glaucoma treatment is not based on curing or eliminating the disease completely as no cure for the disease has yet been discovered. However, it is possible to successfully control high eye pressure disease. Thus, the negative effects that occur are controlled and serious problems such as vision loss can be prevented.

Medicine applications and surgical treatments can be used in the treatment of glaucoma. In some cases, it is possible to benefit from laser treatments as well. 

Is Turkey a Suitable Country for Glaucoma Treatment?

Turkey is definitely a successful country in terms of glaucoma treatment. The reason for this is that Turkey is very successful not only in the treatment of glaucoma, but also in that of all eye diseases. With its hospitals and clinics addressing eye diseases that have proven their success worldwide, Turkey ensures the health of a large number of patients from Turkey and abroad.

Turkey offers advantageous opportunities for patients wishing to treat high eye pressure. Undoubtedly, many of these opportunities are encountered in metropolitan cities such as Izmir. 

Izmir Glaucoma Treatment and BeWell Services

Izmir hosts its patients with a healthcare worthy of the competence of Turkey in the treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases. Patients from abroad come to Izmir as a result of the following advantages.

  • Izmir has eye hospitals and clinics that are successful in treating high eye pressure.
  • Since Izmir is a city that makes a difference with its quality of life and city atmosphere, it hosts successful doctors and offers various opportunities for patients who care about city life.
  • It makes a difference in terms of facility quality and capacity.
  • It is easily accessible from many regions of the world with different means of transportation.
  • It is economically competitive.
  • It has a lovely atmosphere with its cultural heritage and richness of touristic activities.

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