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Gynecological Oncology

What is Gynecological Oncology? Oncology Surgery in Turkey

Gynecological oncology covers the diagnosis and treatment practices performed on female patients and related to the gynecology branch. These diseases refer to cancer and precancerous conditions that occur on the female genital organs. Among the diseases evaluated within the scope of gynecological oncology, there are female external genital organ, namely vulva cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, malignant tumors caused by tubules and other tumors that may transform into malignant tumors.

Cancer diseases diagnosed and treated within the scope of gynecological oncology occur as a result of cell anomalies. When the cells in the genital area do not disappear in their usual cycle and continue to multiply, the excess cells from the tumor structures. A cell mutation resulted from a single cell then creates cancerous tissues, allowing this process to turn into a cell anomaly. Especially women in the risk group should have regular controls and take precautions for cancer diseases with general screenings. Even if the tumor is benign, it can cause various complaints and there may be a possibility of becoming malignant. Therefore, there is a need for a professional planning process in gynecological oncology treatment practices.

Gynecological Oncology and Treatment Applications

Gynecological oncology treatment applications do not only refer to the gynecology branch. Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases should be organized within the framework of a multidisciplinary approach. Especially during the diagnosis process, it is of utmost importance to carry out the right research and to create the details of the treatment planning with the data obtained. In this way, the treatment can be initiated directly and the success rate directly increases.

Oncological surgery stands out in gynecological oncology treatment applications. However, the treatment process is supported by radiation and medication along with surgery. 

Gynecological Oncology Treatment in Turkey

Turkey is a country that has established the multidisciplinary treatment approach needed in gynecological oncology treatment applications and performs surgical operations with a very high success rate. As a result of the studies carried out within the scope of oncological surgery, successful treatment processes are managed with the latest medical practices and medical technologies. Turkey has a strong healthcare service, fully equipped and high capacity hospitals and clinics, and finally doctors and surgeons who have proven themselves with their achievements in the field, which makes a difference in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases.      

Gynecological Oncology Applications in Izmir and BeWell Privileges

Izmir is a city where Turkey's healthcare service power is effectively encountered in gynecological oncology practices. As you can reach healthcare services with a high success rate in Izmir, this metropolitan city is also preferred due to its additional advantages. Being an economically suitable option and being easily accessible from many points of the world have made Izmir one of the more preferred places.

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