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Healthy and Delicious Dishes of the Aegean Region

02 September 2020

Healthy and Delicious Dishes of the Aegean Region

While BeWell brings you together with the healthcare you need, it also enables you to benefit from additional opportunities. Health is the most important factor in our lives, so protecting it is a priority over anything else for us. Getting the healthcare you need in really professional places can accelerate the healing process by offering extra advantages in this regard. For this reason, BeWell ensures that you get the healthcare you need in the best hospitals and clinics. Of course, we provide you with the privileges of BeWell in this process, enabling a comfortable stay and introducing the cultural values of Turkey.

Suggestions before your flight, all the process of flight planning, transfer procedures and accommodation preferences are offered in BeWell facilities. In addition, many cultural and touristic activities are included in your visit to Izmir, one of the unique cities of our beautiful country. The delicious cuisine of Izmir also awaits you within these cultural values.

Ege'nin Sağlıklı Lezzetleri

Cultural Values and Delicious Dishes of Izmir, the Pearl of the Aegean

Of course, it was not easy to become known as the pearl of the Aegean. Izmir is one of Turkey's richest city with cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. Its socio-cultural environment has grown over the centuries and reached today. The city's current atmosphere is actually built on centuries of tradition. Thus, fully-equipped hospitals were established by making serious investments, and an atmosphere full of cultural values emerged.

In addition to the Ancient City of Ephesus and other ancient sites, Izmir, which offers a very rich atmosphere with ruins dating back to recent times, is also famous worldwide for its cuisine that has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries. You can experience every detail of these healthy and delicious meals on your journey planned by BeWell.       

Ege'nin Sağlıklı Lezzetleri     

Experience the Miracle of Olive Oil

Olive oil is perhaps the most used product in Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean. Izmir is most famous for its dishes prepared with olive oil. It is not possible to describe each of these dishes, but olive oil, the main ingredient of all of them, has numerous benefits. Olive oil is known for cleansing the liver, regulating digestion and metabolism, improve the skin, protecting bones, being used for haircare, being beneficial in diabetes and regulating blood sugar, and finally, reducing stress. It is famous for its taste as well as its benefits. Olive oil, which is indispensable for preparing food in Izmir, is made naturally with olives collected from the great olive groves you can find in every corner of the Aegean.

Ege'nin Sağlıklı Lezzetleri

Meals You Should Definitely Try When You Visit Izmir

So what are the delicious dishes waiting for you in Izmir? Their number is so many that it seems impossible to discover all these dishes. However, there are some that you should definitely try. The most important of these is, without a doubt, stuffed zucchini flowers. Artichoke dishes and stuffed artichoke, sea cowpea, milk thistle and fresh salads are waiting for you.  

Step into a Unique Experience with BeWell

We strive to create a unique experience by adding cultural values to the basic planning details of BeWell such as healthcare, transportation and accommodation. Thus, your health journey is accompanied by pleasant moments. BeWell is the solution to your every need.