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Heart Valve Diseases

Heart Valve Diseases and Cardiovascular Surgery in Turkey

Heart valve diseases are problems that occur in the four valves around our heart that always work without rest. There are many different heart valve diseases. While some of these do not require surgical treatment, in others it is necessary to take the disease under control with surgical applications.

Heart valves, which can be summarized as mitral, aortic, tricuspid and pulmonary valves, may encounter many problems. These problems may cause deformations in the heart valves, leading to a slight loss of function and serious functional loss over time. If the heart is affected by this situation, it may mean that different problems occur in the body. Therefore, it is very important to control heart valve diseases with early diagnosis.

Heart Valve Diseases Can Affect Your Quality of Life

Heart valve diseases usually occur in two ways. These problems can be explained as narrowing of the heart valves or the backflow of blood. The biggest reason for the occurrence of heart valve diseases is of course the effects of aging. However, some infections and problems in the heart muscles can cause heart valve diseases.

Heart valve diseases have some effects that can reduce the quality of life:

  • Becoming tired quickly
  • Fatigue
  • Palpitation
  • Feeling of stuffiness
  • Breathing problems
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness

Heart valve diseases can manifest themselves with these symptoms, but the main situation that reduces the quality of life is the progression of the diseases to advanced stages. For this reason, people in the risk group should undergo general screenings and controls. Otherwise, they can be noticed at a time when they have already advanced. Diagnosis and treatment practices of heart valve diseases include processes that must be carefully managed. Therefore, managing the process with experienced doctors provides great benefits.  

Turkey's Heart Valve Disease Treatment Applications

Turkey is carrying out heart valve disease treatment applications in reliable and fully equipped hospitals. It also makes significant investments in order to improve healthcare for many years. In return for these investments, extremely successful hospitals have been established all around today. Moreover, in metropolitan cities such as Izmir, experienced doctors who have proven their success worldwide provide services in this field with the serious increase in the quality of life. Moreover, this high quality of care provided by Turkey offers a very economical way compared to its peers. Therefore, it has become a country preferred by patients living abroad.

Heart Valve Diseases Treatment in Izmir and City Advantages

Izmir is very successful because it hosts many of the fully equipped hospitals in Turkey in the treatment of heart valve diseases. As mentioned above, since Izmir is a very special city in terms of city life and atmosphere, many doctors who have gained serious experience in their field continue to provide their health services in Izmir. Apart from these, Izmir stands out as an easily accessible and touristic city.

Izmir provides healthcare with hospitals that successfully perform valvular repair, heart valve replacement, transcatheter valve treatment, and transcatheter aortic valve replacement in the treatment of heart valve diseases.

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