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Knee, Shoulder and Hip Replacement Surgeries

What are Knee, Shoulder and Hip Replacement Surgeries? Prosthetics in Turkey

Knee, shoulder and hip replacement surgeries are surgical procedures performed within the scope of orthopedics and traumatology, aiming to regain joint health.  Joint diseases can seriously reduce the quality of life. This is because joints are the end points that connect the main points in our musculoskeletal system.  Even if the problems in the joints do not seem serious at first, they may cause serious negative effects over time.

When joint diseases occur, they progress slowly in some cases.  However, in some cases, severe trauma is experienced on situations such as sudden damage, impact and accident.  In either case, the end result can become a serious problem in the joints.  Joint diseases can also occur slowly, with the effect of aging, due to improper movements, postures and wrong actions.  However, early diagnosis of these diseases can protect joint health.  When joint health is seriously damaged, situations that are hard to recover from emerge.

Knee, shoulder and hip joints are critical points for the body.  Basic actions such as moving, standing or even standing up are successfully performed provided that these joints are healthy.  However, if serious damage and deformation occur in these joints, functional losses follow, and in this case, there is no other solution except replacement applications. 

Knee, Shoulder and Hip Replacement Applications

Knee, shoulder and hip replacement applications are similar in terms of application procedure and materials in some points, but different technical applications and materials can be used in the joint.  For example, since the knee and shoulder joints are closer to the skin, the process can be completed with smaller incisions, but there are some differences in surgical practice because the hip joint is under the skin.  Basically, a similar application is carried out in each.

In knee, shoulder and hip replacement applications, damaged and severely deformed joint tissues are completely removed.  Then, the replacement material, which is selected in the most appropriate way for the patient, is placed in a form that will enable the joint function properly and the surgical process is completed.  In order for the application to be long-lasting and to be successful in terms of function, it must be carried out by professional teams.

Turkey Stands Out With its Success in Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Turkey has notable achievements in all branches of orthopedics and traumatology, especially in knee, shoulder and hip replacement applications.  In its fully equipped and high-tech hospitals, it provides services to patients from inside and outside the country with doctors who are experienced in their field.   

Knee, Shoulder and Hip Replacement Surgery in Izmir and City Advantages

Izmir is a city where you can reach the experience of Turkey regarding knee, shoulder and hip replacement surgery. Moreover, thanks to the advantages of the city atmosphere, there are many successful doctors living in this city.

As BeWell, we make plans that will allow you to be treated in the best hospitals and clinics, while also enjoying the city of Izmir.  We plan every detail on your health journey and make you comfortable in our contracted hotels.  In addition, we enable you to recognize all the values ​​Izmir has and benefit from the healthcare of this city.  You can contact us for more details.