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Gynecological Oncology

What is Gynecological Oncology? Oncology Surgery in Turkey Gynecological oncology covers the diagnosis and treatment practices performed on female patients and related to the gynecology branch. These diseases refer to cancer and precancerous conditions that occur on the female genital organs. Amo...

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Colon Cancer (Colorectal Cancer) Treatment

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is a less common type than many other cancer diseases, but it has serious problems in terms of health hazards. As a result of the studies carried out within the scope of cancer diseases, there have been developments in treatment practices and oncology s...

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What is Otorhinolaryngology? Oncology in Turkey The field of otorhinolaryngology covers the diagnosis and treatment of tumor structures and cancer that occur in the area of interest of the ENT. Within the scope of otorhinolaryngology, evaluation and treatment of benign or malignant tumor structur...

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What is Urooncology? Oncology and Oncological Surgery in Turkey Urooncology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases in urological organs. In this context, kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular cancers are evaluated. Cancers that occur in urological organs may be manifested on ...

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Brain Tumors

What are Brain Tumors? Oncological Surgery Applications in Turkey Brain tumors emerge due to cell anomalies that occur in the skull. Cell anomalies are caused by the actions performed outside of the regular life cycle of the cells. If a cell does not die when it should be destroyed and continues ...

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Malignant Tumors and Metastases of the Musculoskeletal System

Malignant tumors and metastases of the musculoskeletal system are problems that are operated within the scope of oncology surgery. Tumors and cancer due to these tumors are caused by cell anomalies in the body. Cells are born, grow and die in the usual process, but in some cases, cells that do not d...

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Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Surgery

What is Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Surgery? Oncology in Turkey Stomach and esophageal cancer surgery covers the operational methods used in the treatment process on cell anomalies occurring in these regions. Surgical operations have an important role in the treatment process of cancer, but the...

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Breast Surgery

What is Breast Surgery? Oncology Surgery in Turkey Breast surgery is among the surgical applications of oncology for the treatment of breast cancer disease. Breast cancer is one of the diseases in which awareness studies are carried out with many activities today. As a type of cancer, it can be d...

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