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What is Otorhinolaryngology? Oncology in Turkey

The field of otorhinolaryngology covers the diagnosis and treatment of tumor structures and cancer that occur in the area of interest of the ENT. Within the scope of otorhinolaryngology, evaluation and treatment of benign or malignant tumor structures in the head and neck region are provided.

Cancer, considered within the scope of otorhinolaryngology, also develop over cell anomalies, just like other cancer diseases. Cell anomaly causes the formation of tumorous structures, and if these structures are malignant, they can spread to other tissues of the body and cause health-threatening problems.

Otorhinolaryngologic diagnostic applications represent a very important process. One of the main reasons for this is that otorhinolaryngologic cancer is not very common compared to other types of cancer. While some of the cancer diseases evaluated in this area manifest themselves from the earliest stages, some may progress silently for a long time. For this reason, patients in the risk group should be followed up with general controls and screenings.

Otorhinolaryngology and Treatment Applications

Diagnosis and treatment of many cancer diseases such as laryngeal carcinoma, skull base tumors, salivary gland tumors, parotid tumors, paranasal sinus tumors are performed within the scope of otorhinolaryngology.

All tumors considered within the scope of otorhinolaryngology should be constantly followed up. This is because the risk of these tumors to spread to the lymph nodes and the body through the lymph nodes is quite high. Therefore, even if the tumor is benign, the process should be followed to keep the tumors under control.

Imaging methods and biopsy are used in the diagnostic process within the scope of otorhinolaryngology. In treatment applications, oncology surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and additional medication are used.  

Otorhinolaryngology in Turkey and Advantages of the Country

Turkey is among the countries that carry out valuable research not only in its region but also all over the world in the field of oncology, including the otorhinolaryngologic diagnosis and treatment. Processes managed with a multidisciplinary approach, modern medical practices and medical technologies have increased the success rate in this regard. All this, combined with the fact that Turkey is economically competitive and easily accessible, the country has become one of the most preferred countries for oncology surgery.     

Otorhinolaryngology in Izmir and BeWell Services

Izmir hosts many patients from abroad with its hospitals that provide top-notch services within the scope of otorhinolaryngology. Thanks to its socio-cultural structure, Izmir has the atmosphere of a metropolitan city. For this reason, it is possible to get healthcare services from doctors who have gained worldwide reputation in Izmir.

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