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It was a pleasure dealing with BeWell from start to finish. I was contacted by one of the representatives straight after leaving an enquiry on WhatClinic website discussing what exactly I needed and several options to achieve those, in the end, I went for quite a complicated operation which only a few surgeons are performing and it was quite a task to find the right one, especially now with Covid travel bans and reduced capacity at hospitals who perform such complicated operations. After the operation was booked it I had flights, transfers and hotels all arranged by BeWell which was great, I only paid the operation fee and absolutely nothing else. On arrival to Izmir I was greeted by BeWell representative and taken to a lovely 5-star hotel, next day I met with the doctor and we went through all the details along with the necessary test and MRI Scan where we were able to check-in 3D the face asymmetry cause and the way to eliminated by several surgeries done simultaneously. Dr. Mehmet Onur Öztürk is extremely professional, knew exactly what he was doing you could tell he has plenty of experience in the field. In total, I spent 2 days in the hospital which was very nice and relaxing, a high-quality new hospital with the most friendly staff. Dr checked up on me several times during my stay we were both very pleased with how the operation went and it was the recovery time from now on. I did not feel any pain and had only moderate swelling on the jaw which went away after 5-6 days, total swelling went after 14 days. I've had inner stitches so there were absolutely no signs of a surgery apart of my face having no asymmetry it did before. All in all, I would like to thank Dr. Mehmet Onur Öztürk, Pelin Kırdağ and the whole BeWell Team for such an amazing treatment and great result.