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Retinal Surgery

What is Retinal Surgery? Treatment of Eye Diseases in Turkey

Retinal surgery, also known as vitrectomy, has an important place in the treatment of eye diseases. The retina plays an important role in our vision and there are many eye diseases related to the retina. Most of them are treated with surgical processes.

Retinal surgery is an advanced field with today's research and many medical technologies are used in this field. This has enabled modern medicine to develop safe methods for retinal surgery.   

Retina is a very thin layer on the inner wall of the vitreous cavity, just behind the iris layer in the eye. However, this thin layer contains the nerve cells that enable us to see. The retina makes possible all eye functions by forming a bridge between the eye and the brain. Therefore, having retinal problems means serious issues in vision that should be treated. Vision loss may occur, especially if there is permanent nerve damage. There is no need to resort to surgical methods in many retinal diseases, but such applications are inevitable in some cases.

Get Professional Support During Retinal Surgery

Retinal surgery is as important as the retinal function. The treatment of eye diseases includes processes that must be managed very precisely. This should start from the examination phase. That is why any wrong or incomplete diagnosis in eye diseases can cause problems that are difficult to take back. The treatment process for a patient with eye disease, especially retinal problems, should be carefully determined. In this context, it becomes extremely valuable to get professional support and to plan treatment by being examined by experienced experts.

Retinal Surgery and Treatment of Eye Diseases in Turkey

Turkey offers a wide range of solutions in the treatment of all eye diseases, especially the retinal surgery. Treatment of eye diseases is critical, as mentioned above. Deciding on surgery and planning the pre- and post-operative treatment process require experience and professionalism. Turkey provides services for many years in Turkey and surrounding countries with the hospitals and clinics specializing in eye diseases.

Turkey provides an easily accessible and economically competitive options in retinal surgery and the treatment of other eye diseases. Moreover, it has everything you need with fully equipped hospitals and advanced facilities. You can also get more information by doing a research in retinal surgery in Turkey.

Retinal Surgery in Izmir and BeWell Privileges

Izmir hosts many successful hospitals and clinics in retinal surgery and eye diseases. Izmir is among the most valuable cities of Turkey in terms of city life and quality of life. For this reason, doctors who are experts in their fields and have worldwide success live in Izmir. You can also be examined by reliable experts and plan your treatment with professional support.

BeWell not only brings you together with experts in the field of retinal surgery, but also plans your entire health travel to the finest details. It prepares your flight plan and directs you in the most accurate way with pre-flight suggestions. During your stay in Izmir, it enables you to stay at the contracted hotels comfortably and discover the cultural heritage of Izmir such as Ephesus and Turkish cuisine. Remember to contact us for details of BeWell services.