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Robotic Adrenal Gland Surgery

What is Robotic Adrenal Gland Surgery?

Robotic adrenal gland surgery is characterized by the surgical method used in the treatment of tumor problems or other diseases in the adrenal gland. Adrenal glands are glands that secrete hormones as part of the endocrine system. These hormones are directly involved in the bloodstream and take on various functions. They are primarily involved in the regulation of the activities of other organs and cells. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment applications should be performed successfully in any problem. 

In adrenal gland problems, the diagnostic process should be carried out in a detailed manner. In this process, radiological imaging methods are especially used. Thanks to the research carried out during the diagnosis process, it is possible to perform a treatment planning successfully and thus a process with increasing success rate can be initiated.  

The Risk of Complications is Minimized with Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery applications are carried out with the technology known as the Da Vinci Robot. Robotic surgery applications performed with the Da Vinci Robot are still not very common today, but the success rate is increasing significantly because of the latest technological advancements. The advantages obtained within the scope of robotic surgery applications can be listed as follows:

  • Applications performed with robotic surgery are carried out with a high success rate over very small incisions, and the risk of complications in this process is minimized.
  • The Da Vinci Robot technology used in robotic surgery has the advantage of high mobility. This robot, which has extremely high rotation capacity compared to the human wrist, can work quite agile even in small spaces.
  • In robotic surgery, the operator doctor manages the robot from a separate panel. In this case, factors such as hand tremors, having to stand up and stress do not affect the process.

Turkey's Robotic Surgery Applications

Turkey has hospitals that offer treatment services with a high success rate within the scope of robotic adrenal gland surgery. The Da Vinci Robot technology is used in a small number of hospitals in the world, but Turkey offers healthcare to a large number of domestic patients and those coming from outside the country, offering distinguished services in this sense. In addition to having hospitals that have a Da Vinci robot in Turkey, the fact that it is an economically appropriate choice and offers rich options in terms of cultural heritage and touristic activities has made it more suitable. Especially in cities like Izmir, as a result of the opportunities provided by the city atmosphere, experienced and expert doctors provide services with these technologies.  

Izmir's Robotic Surgery Applications and BeWell Privileges

Izmir has hospitals that provide services within the scope of robotic adrenal gland surgery. Izmir, one of the pioneering cities of Turkey's powerful health system, is one of the rare cities in the world that has a Da Vinci Robot. Moreover, as it is easily accessible, many people from both inside and outside the country prefer the city of Izmir for treatment opportunities.

With BeWell privileges, it is possible to reach the treatment you need. While bringing you together with hospitals using the Da Vinci Robot, we ensure that you experience the process in the healthiest way with our pre-flight suggestions. Moreover, we provide you with a comfortable stay in our contracted hotels and we make all the plans for the travel. You can contact us to learn the details of this process, which enables you to discover the values of the city of Izmir.