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Robotic Gynecology

What is Robotic Gynecology? Robotic Surgery in Turkey

Robotic gynecology includes robotic surgeries performed when the need for surgery arises in diseases that the gynecology branch deals with. Gynecology unit performs the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. With the development of modern medical practices and the latest developments in medical technology, diagnosis and treatment practices, which are also used by gynecology, have developed considerably.

Many different diseases are within the scope of gynecology. There are many methods, techniques and treatments for these diseases. Of course, it is very important to pass through a healthy diagnosis stage and make a treatment plan in this process. Thus, high success rate, spot-on treatments can be applied and patients can regain their health and quality of life. In this context, using new technologies and using robotic surgical techniques should be considered as a factor that increases the success rate to a great extent if the need for surgery arises.  

Gynecology Treatment with Robotic Surgery

Robotic gynecology surgery can be described as the best surgical method that can be used when the surgical need for diseases that go through the diagnosis process within the scope of gynecology. Robotic surgery applications are carried out with the technology called Da Vinci Robot. The Da Vinci Robot is considered to be the most successful surgical technique today, thanks to its skill set.

Da Vinci Robot, which is managed from a separate panel, is used in surgical applications performed with robotic surgery. Managing the Da Vinci Robot from a separate panel enables the operator to perform the operation independently from factors such as hand tremors and having to stand up. In addition, it is known that when these effects disappear, the stress factor is greatly reduced. In addition, the risk of complications is very low since robotic surgery is performed in a closed manner with very small incisions. Therefore, the recovery rate is also high. The Da Vinci Robot, used in robotic surgery, can achieve successful results even in the smallest points by performing multiple turns that are impossible to be done by humans with its high maneuverability.

Turkey's Robotic Surgery Applications

Turkey is one of the rare countries that provide health services in robotic gynecology applications. The Da Vinci Robot used in robotic surgery is a technology found in the world's leading hospitals. However, Turkey has hospitals that contain state-of-the-art devices within the framework of its advanced health system. In an environment where modern medical techniques and latest medical technologies are followed, surgical applications with high success rate are performed. For this reason, Turkey has been preferred by many people from abroad to receive healthcare. Of course, cities such as Izmir, which have many advantages, stand out in these preferences.   

Izmir's Robotic Surgery Applications and BeWell Opportunities

Izmir is one of the prominent cities thanks to the hospitals providing robotic gynecology services and the city atmosphere it provides. Izmir, an advanced city in terms of economic power, hosts both a hospital and expert and experienced teams. Due to its location, it is a beaten track among the world cities, and it is an easily accessible and economically competitive city.

As BeWell family, we bring you together with hospitals and expert teams, so you can get robotic gynecology service. In this process, we make your flight plans and ensure that you stay comfortably in our contracted hotels. Moreover, we enable you to discover the cultural values of Izmir and participate in touristic activities. You can contact us to reach the healthcare you need with BeWell facilities.