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Robotic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

What is Robotic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery?

Robotic thyroid and parathyroid surgery includes surgical applications performed on some problems in the thyroid and parathyroid glands, also known as the endocrine glands. While diseases such as nodular goiter and thyroid cancer are more prominent in the thyroid gland, some other diseases such as adenoma and hyperplasia are seen in the parathyroid gland. These diseases can be controlled and treated with various methods, but surgical options for both the thyroid and parathyroid gland are always available.

The thyroid and parathyroid glands are the body's endocrine glands. By secreting hormones, they enable many functions and incorporate these hormones into the bloodstream. Therefore, they also have various functions for the body. In this respect, problems related to the endocrine glands should be improved with professional guidance. 

It is Possible to Recover in a Short Time with Robotic Surgery

Robotic thyroid and parathyroid surgery are surgical applications performed with the Da Vinci Robot. These applications contain many advantages over traditional methods and other closed surgical applications. In these applications performed through very small incisions, the recovery rate is high and the risk of complications is quite low.

In robotic surgery application, the Da Vinci Robot is managed through a panel. Therefore, the doctor does not need to stand up and factors such as hand tremors are eliminated. In addition, the Da Vinci Robot used in robotic surgery has high mobility. Therefore, even at the narrowest points, the operation can be carried out without damaging the surrounding tissues by acting very agile. The Da Vinci Robot has much more rotation capacity than human wrist. For this reason, it both increases the success of the operation and rapid recovery chance. The Da Vinci Robot is a technology used in a limited number of hospitals in the world. 

Turkey's Robotic Surgery Applications

Turkey stands out as a very strong option for robotic thyroid and parathyroid surgery. This is because in Turkey, it is possible to reach hospitals that use robotic surgery techniques and utilize the Da Vinci Robot. This technology, which is found in a limited number of hospitals in the world, offers great advantages if used.

In hospitals that will make complete planning by professional guidance during the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the endocrine glands, expert teams with experience in the relevant field provide healthcare. The success rate increases significantly with the applications performed with the Da Vinci Robot.  

Izmir's Robotic Surgery Applications and BeWell Services

Izmir has hospitals using the Da Vinci Robot within the scope of robotic thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Therefore, when a need for surgical treatment arises on the endocrine glands, Izmir is among the cities that stand out as a preference. Moreover, Turkey offers a strong healthcare in every sense, as well as economically favorable conditions.

As BeWell, we bring you together with hospitals that perform the surgical operations needed in endocrine glands with the Da Vinci Robot. While we offer you the healthcare service you need in the best possible way, all details of travel planning are considered our team to make you feel special. You can contact us to discover the services of the world of BeWell.