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Robotic Urology

What is Robotic Urology? Robotic Surgery in Turkey

Robotic urology can be described as performing the surgical processes required within the scope of urology with robotic support. The urology unit manages the diagnosis and treatment process in many diseases. If these diagnosis and treatment applications are performed within the scope of today's modern medical techniques, the success rate increases. The proper performance of the diagnostic processes creates a diagnosis opportunity and it is possible to take the right steps in treatment planning with this opportunity. When the need for surgery arises, robotic methods are used to complete the process much more successfully. At this point, robotic surgery, which represents the latest technology, stands out as the most successful technique, albeit not very common.   

Urology Treatment with Robotic Surgery

Surgical operations in many branches, including robotic urology applications, are successfully performed with robotic techniques. Robotic surgery, which is a state-of-the-art medical application, enables the operations with the highest success rate today. Robotic surgery applications are performed with a technology called the Da Vinci Robot. In this technology, the doctor completes the operation by managing the robot through another panel. This results in numerous advantages.

In surgical applications performed with the Da Vinci Robot, which is also used within the scope of robotic urology surgery, applications performed through small incisions have a lower risk of complications compared to both traditional methods and other closed surgical applications. In addition, the recovery rate is quite high. Thus, patients can quickly return to daily life after the operation.

The maneuverability of the Da Vinci Robot is much higher compared to the human wrist. This causes robotic surgery applications to achieve superior success rates even in small areas. In addition, hand tremors, fatigue caused by stress or having to stand up are eliminated in robotic surgery.

Turkey's Robotic Surgery Applications

Turkey provides healthcare services within the scope of robotic gynecology because the Da Vinci robot, which is located in a limited number of hospitals in the world, is used in Turkey. As a country that follows modern medical practices and the latest medical technologies, Turkey has taken its place among few countries in the world in terms of healthcare provision. Moreover, it offers this service in an economically affordable way. Being directly accessible from many regions of the world, Turkey has become a preferred country, especially from abroad.    

Izmir's Urology Surgery Applications and BeWell Opportunities

Izmir hosts hospitals serving within the scope of robotic urology surgery. The Da Vinci Robot, which has a limited number in the world, is located in the city of Izmir in Turkey. Izmir has become a prominent city in healthcare services as it is a central point between different cities of many countries. It is also home to many experienced doctors due to its socio-economic power. All these factors have made Izmir the preferred country in health tourism.

Within the scope of BeWell facilities, we offer you the treatment services you need, including robotic urology. We do not only bring you together with fully equipped hospitals and expert teams, but also organize your flight to the finest detail. While we provide you with comfort in our contracted hotels, we enable you to discover the cultural values of Izmir and introduce you to traditional Turkish cuisine. Discover the BeWell privileges now, offering reliable healthcare and additional facilities.