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Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Surgery

What is Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Surgery? Oncology in Turkey

Stomach and esophageal cancer surgery covers the operational methods used in the treatment process on cell anomalies occurring in these regions. Surgical operations have an important role in the treatment process of cancer, but the surgical process is supported by additional treatment applications.

Even if the incidence of stomach cancer is low, it is among the dangerous cancer types. Thanks to today's modern medical techniques, it has become possible to make treatment planning with high success rate in cancer diseases, and stomach cancers can be cured by being taken under control, especially with early diagnosis. Successfully performing the diagnosis in gastric cancers, which can occur over a large number of factors, facilitates the treatment planning of the disease. In the diagnostic process, methods such as imaging, PET-guided biopsy and gastroscopy are used.

Esophageal cancer occurs due to the cell anomaly in the esophagus that starts from the neck and extends to the stomach. There are two different types of esophageal cancer: squamous and adenocarcinoma. This type of cancer can occur in the neck region of the esophagus, in the thoracic esophagus and in the lower end, i.e. the cardia. If cancerous tissues are not discovered early, they may spread to surrounding tissues, especially the esophagus. Therefore, it should be taken under control with diagnosis and treatment applications.

Stomach and Esophagus Cancer Treatment Applications

Stomach may occur with various symptoms such as weight loss, pain in the abdomen, vomiting and nausea, loss of appetite, and rapid satiety. Since these symptoms do not appear severely in the early stages, early detection of the disease may not be possible. However, such symptoms should not be underestimated and necessary examinations should be made. Especially patients in the risk group should take measures against cancer diseases with general screenings.

Esophageal cancer may present with various symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing, pain, drooling, and bleeding. In the first two stages of esophageal cancer, symptoms are usually not felt, but after this stage, various symptoms, especially difficulty in swallowing, are seen.

In stomach and esophagus cancer, it is possible to administer radiation and medical drug therapy as well as surgical applications.

Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Surgery in Turkey

Turkey has a large number of experienced oncology surgery teams providing services within the scope of stomach and esophageal cancer surgery. Healthcare provided in fully equipped hospitals accompanied by state-of-the-art devices and modern medical practices has made Turkey one of the distinguished countries in oncology surgery.    

Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Surgery in Izmir

Izmir is home to many of the experienced clinics in Turkey within the scope of stomach and esophageal cancer surgery. Being a strong city in socio-economic terms, Izmir hosts doctors who have proven themselves worldwide in this respect. Moreover, Turkey is an economically competitive and easily accessible country.

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