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What is Urooncology? Oncology and Oncological Surgery in Turkey

Urooncology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases in urological organs. In this context, kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular cancers are evaluated. Cancers that occur in urological organs may be manifested on cell anomalies just like other cancers. The continuation of the proliferation of the cells that should have died outside their usual behavior creates an excess of cells, which enables cancerous tissues, namely tumors, to be exposed. These tumors may have a tendency to spread rapidly in urological organs.

Urological organs work in a very coordinated way, especially in the excretory system. Therefore, they continuously contribute to the bodily systems by working together. The character of tumors that may arise in this area is very important. That is why it is significant to keep benign tumors under constant monitoring. It is possible that they will become malignant. Malignant tumors also need to be rapidly treated within the scope of relevant procedures. Otherwise, it is possible for cancerous tissue to spread between urological organs and affect surrounding tissues.

Urooncological Treatment Applications

Urooncological treatment practices may show symptoms in the form of urinary disorders, blood in the urine, complaints of pain, swelling in the urological area, weight loss and complaints of pain that spread to the abdominal side cavities. The location and character of cancerous tissue can be investigated with applications such as radiological imaging techniques and biopsy. Then treatment planning is initiated. It is possible to use special techniques such as prostate needle biopsy during the diagnosis process.

Within the scope of urooncology treatments, each disease may have different treatment applications. It is possible to use different techniques especially within the scope of oncological surgery. Many different treatments are used in diseases such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, testicular tumors, kidney cancer, adrenal tumors, and retroperitoneal tumors. Traditional surgical practices, robotic surgeries, robotic radical prostatectomy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bladder tumor resection, medication, cystoscopy, radical cystectomy, inguinal orchiectomy, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, laparoscopic renal sparing (partial nephrectomy) surgery, adrenalectomy, retroperitoneal surgery and ureterolysis can be utilized within the scope of urooncology. 

Turkey Offers Experienced Healthcare Service for Urooncology

Turkey stands out with its successful teams for uroonchology. The biggest reason for this success is that studies have been carried out in the field of oncology. Research on cancer diseases has led to the development of cancer treatments and oncological surgery applications. For this reason, Turkey is among the leading countries in the world not only in the field of urooncology, but also in oncology treatment applications in general. Moreover, it offers economically suitable options.       

Izmir's Urooncology Applications and BeWell Opportunities

Izmir is one of the central cities in the oncology industry of Turkey in urooncology applications. This is because it is a socio-economically developed city, health investments are high and academic competence is at a satisfactory level. As a result of health investments, fully equipped hospitals are equipped with expert teams in their fields.

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