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Cataract Surgery

What is Cataract Surgery? Treatment of Eye Diseases in Turkey Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to eliminate the cataract problem, which is common among eye diseases. When cataract issues begin to form, they can cause a sudden visual impairment, but often begin to limit the ab...

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Retinal Surgery

What is Retinal Surgery? Treatment of Eye Diseases in Turkey Retinal surgery, also known as vitrectomy, has an important place in the treatment of eye diseases. The retina plays an important role in our vision and there are many eye diseases related to the retina. Most of them are treated with su...

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Corneal Diseases and Treatment Privileges

Treatment of Corneal Diseases and Treatment Privileges in Turkey The treatment of corneal diseases is a subject that covers many problems. Therefore, each disease has its own treatment methods. The cornea is actually the tissue that forms the outermost part of our eye. Therefore, the most common ...

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Glaucoma Treatment

What is Glaucoma Treatment? Treatment of Eye Diseases in Turkey Glaucoma treatment refers to the treatment of the disease known as high eye pressure. High eye pressure or glaucoma problem often occurs and develops without noticing. After its emergence, glaucoma should be treated and controlled wi...

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